The Transportation department at Blount County Schools hopes to answer some  frequently asked questions that may help students and families gain understanding.  If you need additional information, please reach out to the BCS Transportation department at the following numbers:

(865) 984-1212 BCS Central Office - Kevin Wilner: extension 2116

(865) 980-1039 Alternate daytime number

(865) 253-5423 After hours urgent need line

(865) 518-2397 Driving Complaint Number listed on the bumper sticker of the bus.


Transportation Questions and Answers


Transportation Stats


  • On average, Blount County Schools (BCS) provide transportation to nearly 9,000 students daily.
  • Regular-sized buses drive an estimated 115,000 miles per month.
  • All buses are equipped with video cameras and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
  • There are 12 bus companies currently under contract with Blount County Schools in Maryville, TN:  73 buses are regular-sized and 34 buses are small.
  • On average, 55 students are assigned to a BCS bus of regular size.
  • The transportation budget for the 2023-2024 school year is approximately $5.5 million for regular education transportation and approximately $1.8 million for special education transportation.