Organizational Chart

Blount County Board of Education 
  • Mr. Trevis Gardner - Board Chair
  • Mrs. Debbie Sudhoff - Vice Chair
  • Mr. Scott Helton - Board Member
  • Mr. James Compton - Board Member
  • Mr. Charles Finley - Board Member
  • Mr. Fred Goins - Board Member
  • Mr. Bill Padgett - Board Member

Central Office Administration

Rob Britt
Director of Schools 

Kristi Yates
Administrative Assistant to the Director, Office Manager 

David Murrell
Assistant Director of Schools for Administration and Personnel, Human Resources, Highly Qualified Teachers, Staff Attendance, Sick Leave Bank, Personnel Complaints, Extended Contract 

Crystal Brewer
Student Information Manager 

Darlene Huffstetler
Human Resources Secretary 

Rebecca Saffles
HR Secretary / Student Information Assistant 

Betsy Cunningham
Communications Coordinator 

Stan Burnette
Supervisor of Student Services, Attendance Transportation, Student Attendance, K-12 Athletics, Crisis Management 

Kevin Wilner
Transportation Coordinator 

Vicki McCall
Student Services Secretary

Mike Crabtree
Supervisor of Instruction Preschool-5th / Technology State Preschool Programs, K-5 Student Complaint Manager, Librarians, Regular Education Home-bound, Textbooks, Technology, Elementary Art, Music, & PE, AdvancEd, Tennessee School Improvement Plans 

John Herron
Technology Coordinator 

Chad Morrison
Network Administrator 

Leann Hicks
Computer Technician 

Thom Johnson
Telephone Administrator 

Roberto Rubin
Computer Technician 

Chris Whitehorne
Computer Technician 

Amanda Vance
Supervisor of Special Education 

Sylvia Kerr
Special Education Bookkeeper / Census & Preschool Secretary 

Christina Jones
Special Education Census & Attendance Secretary 

Judy Coppenger
Special Education Secretary & Bookkeeper / Special Education Home-bound

Troy Logan

Fiscal Administrator / Office Manager / School Nutrition

Jan Martin
Classified Payroll

Teresa Owens
Certified Payroll

Brad Roberts
Certified Payroll

Marie Stuckwish
Accounts Payable

Karen Helton
School Nutrition Coordinator

Rosemary Trent
School Nutrition Bookkeeper

Gary Farmer
Coordinator of Maintenance and Facilities

Rick Morgan
Warehouse Manager / Custodial Trainer

Dr. Jane Morton
Supervisor of Instruction 6th-12th & Assessment
Student Assessment / Adult Basic Education / 6th-12th Student Complaint Manager / Public Relations / K-12 Counselors
Student Services

Terry Tipton
K-12 Secretary / Board of Education Secretary

Mary Beth Blevins
Student Health Coordinator

Robin Cook
Student Health Services Coordinator

Noel Davis
Secretary to School Health Coordinator

Kelly Roberts
Family Resource Center Director

Mary Jane Jones
Read for Success Coordinator

Kathy Smith
Extended School Program Coordinator

Donna Harbin
Extended School Program Bookkeeper

Dr. Alisa Teffeteller
Federal Programs Director, Career Technical Education Director
Title I, Title IIA, Title III, Title IV, Title VI, Title IX, 504, Homeless Liaison, School Board Policy, Harassment & Discrimination, Cultural Diversity, Office of Civil Rights Contact, CTE 7th-12th

Kim Brewer
Federal Programs Bookkeeper