Director's Message

Hello and welcome to Blount County Schools! As we begin the district’s 150th year of education, it’s amazing to see just how far we’ve come. While we have experienced a myriad of changes and improvements throughout the years, our mission, “to maximize the academic potential of every child in a safe and personalized environment” has remained steadfast. As a result, we consistently graduate students who are college and career ready—prepared to meet 21st Century workplace challenges.

With nearly 11,000 students, 1,600 employees, and 21 schools, our 2016/17 priorities have been met with vigorous support from the BCS Board of Education, as well as our own faculty and staff. Our current priorities include:

  • Foundational literacy and numeracy for all students;
  • Building academic capacity to challenge all students;
  • A personalized learning experience for all students;
  • Renewed and strengthened infrastructure within the community and our facilities;
  • Building a bridge to post-secondary education and high quality careers; and,
  • Continued support for our educators.
In tandem with our priorities, BCS continuously strives to improve the student learning experience and environment through four specific strategies:
  1. Personalized learning in all core areas;
  2. Strengthened experience thru digital conversion;
  3. Adoption of  a “culture of caring”; and,
  4. Improved school climates and environments.
These are no small feats but through parent-teacher-administrator teamwork, we can build strong, effective relationships that ensure excellence for ALL of our students.

Rob Britt
Director of Schools

Phone: 865-984-1212
Fax: 965-980-1002